SMS Gateway

send SMS from as little as 1p per SMS

Reach your audience

SMS is a simple, cost effective, fast and efficient way to ensure you reach 100% of your target audience. Our on-site solution lets you send SMS from as little as 1p per SMS.

Our fully managed, onsite SMS Gateway solution includes all installation, hardware and maintenance. No capital outlay required.

As the official UK distributor for Hypermedia, Packet Media are in a unique position to supply and support the equipment that can enable you to take advantage of the fastest growing communication media. SMS Gateways from Hypermedia are specifically designed to deliver large volumes of SMS messages and can easily be extended to meet your evolving messaging needs.

SMS gateway benefits

Cost reduction

An onsite SMS gateway offers considerable savings over an online SMS aggregator - as low as 1p per SMS.

No upfront costs

Zero capital outlay with our fully managed service. All installation, hardware, maintenance and support is included.

Open API

Our SMS gateways have an open API and developers handbook enabling you to incorporate the gateway into your own systems.

Easy implementation

Connects seamlessly to your existing LAN and provides browser based management. Single users can send and receive SMS messages via an outlook plug-in. Incoming SMS messages can be routed to either an individual email address or a group distribution email address.

Web based reporting portal

Detailed gateway statistics so you can analyse your SMS usage from anywhere, at any time via your web browser.

Fast and reliable

When sending SMS from an on-site SMS gateway, the messages are passed directly to the UK mobile network, not routed via different countries - ensuring your messages are delivered in a timely manner.

100% compliant

All SMS replies are stored, allowing you to filter for specific replies, such as 'STOP', so that recipients can 'opt out' from receiving future messages, which is a legal requirement.

Privacy and confidentiality

An onsite SMS Gateway avoids uploading valuable data to a 3rd party service provider or online aggregator. This is ideal for companies such as Banks, Finance and Credit Card companies because it prevents exposure of client details to third party organisations, thus maintaining the utmost confidentiality and privacy.

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