easily integrate SMS into your systems

A flexible SMS solution

The SMS API is designed for businesses who want to embed SMS into their existing business systems so they can reach staff, customers and prospects quickly, cost-effectively and efficiently.

Integrating seamlessly with your CRM system, the API communicates with our technology via simple HTTP requests. A free implementation manual ensures development is straightforward.


Packet Media SMS API benefits

Buy credits

Pre-purchased in bulk, the Packet Media SMS API keeps track of credits used and deducts them from your account when messages are successfully sent. One credit equals one SMS up to a limit of 160 characters. For messages over 160 characters in length, each credit equals 153 characters.

Alpha Tagging

Alpha tagging is a great way for companies to brand their message with a unique sender ID; this can be your brand, company or promotion name. The tag will appear as the “from” address on the recipients mobile instead of a mobile number, so your customers know straight away who the message is from.

Status queries

The status of a message can be queried using the Packet Media SMS API, to confirm that an SMS was successfully delivered to the network. Please note that these are queries regarding the status of a message, not delivery reports.

Response management

Any inbound SMS that are received can be automaatically e-mailed to a pre-defined e-mail address or sent via HTTP to any URL - letting you know that your contacts have replied.

Stop lists

The mobile number of any contact who opts-out of receiving your messages (by replying with ‘stop’ in the message text, or any other word you specify) will be stored on your client database, alongside any numbers you choose to add manually. The API will alert you if you attempt to send a message to a number on your stop list, and no credits will be deducted.

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