SIP Trunks

network convergence - the flexible replacement for ISDN

Lower costs with unified data and voice

SIP trunks are the backbone of modern IP telephony solutions facilitating many Unified Communications (UC) features such as voice and video conferencing, presence information, unified messaging (one inbox for email/voice/fax), instant messaging, single number reach (one number routed to desk, mobile or home depending on user's current location), extension dialing across multiple locations, disaster recovery (easily apply call diverts) and much more. These features increase productivity, streamline processes and reduce costs.

A SIP trunk is just the start. With over 160 years combined experience in telecoms and IT, Packet Media specialise in designing innovative communication solutions that fit your business needs. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

Packet Media SIP trunk benefits

Cost reduction

Combining your data and voice reduces costs and complexity, improves productivity and simplifies support and maintenance.

Contingency and disaster recovery

SIP trunks are as reliable as your broadband connection. Even if you lost your broadband temporarily, calls can be quickly re-routed to mobiles or to a different location entirely. Whilst ISDN was also reliable, call re-routing could not be achieved as quickly.


Built on a resilient 10Gb core MPLS network with two dual node SBC’s, load balanced across two ISO27001 datacentres.

Cheaper calls

FREE On-net calls between multiple connected sites. Highly competitive call rates to all Off-Net and International calls.


Quickly add additional channels to your SIP trunk as and when you need them.

Correct number of channels

Choose the correct number of channels that you need and add more as you need them. ISDN/T1 often meant expensive over-capacity.

Move offices, keep your numbers

SIP trunks aren't bound to location, so no need to change your published numbers, inform your customers or forward numbers if you move.

Customer Service

Add more geographical and international numbers to your SIP trunk and terminate them on your IPPBX. Customers can contact you easily, at a lower cost to them, driving sales and communication.

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