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Phone line solutions and cost reduction services

Lines and Calls cost reduction

Cost reduction

We aim to supply business phone line solutions that reduce your costs. Packet Media are committed to increasing your productivity, efficiency and resilience.

Lines and Calls features

Great features

Don’t just compare like-for-like call charges. We also add value through innovative features and solutions. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Seamless switching

Switching to Packet Media for your lines and calls is simple and streamlined. No interruptions or compromise to quality or service - just cheaper costs on one monthly consolidated bill.

Line options

Voice and data convergence
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the standard protocol for voice, video and Unified Communication (UC) solutions over a data network. This removes the need to have seperate voice and data connections. The cost savings and feature benefits this brings are substantial. Learn more
A Leased Line provides a reliable, high-speed internet connection and an availability SLA of 99.999%. With bandwidths from 1Mbps to 1Gbps over copper (EFM) or fibre (Ethernet), Leased Lines are an ideal choice if you require guaranteed bandwidth and/or need to transfer data quickly and reliably.
Secure: Leased Lines are dedicated to your business only - no shared traffic.
Flexible: Bandwidth can be upgraded with the changing needs of your business; you only pay for the bandwidth you require.
Reliable: We only supply high quality products and services to ensure the best possible experience.
Future-Proof: Our Leased Line products provide access to Internet-based applications such as Voice, Data or Video.
For offices with 1-4 users, from only £10 per month. With Packet Media line rental, you save up to 20% on your analogue line rental and you can consolidate your calls and line rental service into one bill. Take advantage of our outstanding customer service and telecoms know-how by using our line rental services: We will help you achieve your goals and understand precisely what services and features you need, now and for the future.
For offices with 2-8 users, from only £20 per month. ISDN2e is a high-performance voice and data service for small business offices. With a basic installation you can connect up to eight digital devices, and harness the power and clarity of digital for your business. With ISDN2e you get crystal-clear voice-call quality, fast data transmission and all the possibilities of a digital telephone system.
For larger businesses, from only £12.70 per month. ISDN30 is a high-performance voice and data service for modern businesses. Digital technology gives you exceptional line quality. Each ISDN30 connection provides between 8 and 30 independent channels. You can combine these for bandwidth-hungry applications such as high-quality video conferencing or transferring large data files.

Our Features

Call Analysis

View call information for current and past billing periods.

User Admin

User information held against the extension number can be added, deleted or updated.


Extension and Department Analysis, 30 Longest and 30 Most Expensive Calls. By site and billing period.


Set up automatic notification of calls that you would like to know about.

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