GSM Gateway

reduce your landline to mobile call costs

Increase profitability

Does your business make a lot of landline to mobile calls?

If so, a GSM gateway could save you money.

When a landline dails a mobile, the call is routed through your company’s telephone network and a fixed inter-connect charge is added. A GSM Gateway bypasses this process by routing the call directly out to the mobile network, removing the inter-connect charge. The result? Landline to mobile calls are cheaper with a GSM Gateway.

Even with recent reductions in fixed to mobile rates, savings can be maintained with preferential tariffs.

Benefits of a GSM gateway solution

Cost reduction

Save up to 50% on your landline to mobile call costs.

No upfront costs

Our fully managed service includes all installation, hardware and maintenance, resulting in immediate cost savings.

Increase productivity

Studies have shown that answer rates can increase by 30% when you present a mobile or geographical CLI.

Easy implementation

A GSM Gateway can be added to any new or existing phone system quickly and without any downtime. There will be no change to either the quality or functionality of your existing system.

Web based reporting portal

Detailed gateway statistics so you can analyse your telephony traffic and cost savings at any time.

Keep your current landlines

Existing landline contracts or agreements are unaffected.

See how a GSM gateway could benefit your business today

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