GSM Gateways

Reduce your landline to mobile call costs with a GSM Gateway

If your office makes a lot of landline to mobile calls a GSM Gateway could considerably reduce your phone bill. Traditionally, when a landline calls a mobile, the call is routed through your company’s telephone network. If you are calling a mobile number, a fixed inter-connect charge is added. A GSM Gateway is a little box that bypasses this process. If a call is made to a mobile number, our gateway routes the call directly to the mobile network and, by doing so cuts out the middle man- or in this instance the inter-connect rate. This means that with a GSM Gateway landline to mobile calls are always cheaper.

Benefits of GSM Gateway solution

GSM Gateways to Reduce Costs

Cost reduction

By implementing a GSM Gateway into your existing phone sytem you can make massive savings. On average customers are saving 50% on their landline to mobile call costs.

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GSM Gateways with no Upfront Costs

No upfront costs.

Our fully managed service includes all installation, hardware and any on-going maintenance, resulting in immediate cost savings. We also provide detailed reporting and statistics so you can see just how much you’re saving on calls at any time.

GSM Gateways Improve Productivity

Increase productivity by 30%

Studies have shown that productivity can be increased by up to 30% when using mobile or geographical calling line identification.

GSM Gateway Implementation

Easy implementation

GSM Gateway can be added to any new or existing phone system without any downtime. It does not affect your existing landline contracts and there will be no change to either the quality or the way your telephones are used now.

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Reporting and statistics

GSM Gateway Reporting

Online Reporting

Packet Media's free online reporting tool can be accessed via a secure login-page from our website. The reports give you detail about your gateway usage, volume of calls, minutes used, remaining minutes and more.

Email Reporting

In addition to the online reporting information, the reporting suite generates free email reports directly to the customer, which include a forecast of the monthly minutes usage and efficiency rating of the current usage.

Automated Network Monitoring

Both reporting mechanisms are driven by an automated data collection and processing system that highlights any irregularities with your equipment and alerts the appropriate Service Manager for your system.

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The Equipment

Packet Media supplies GSM Gateways from a number of vendors, and because each particular gateway manufacturer has its own unique strengths this enables Packet Media to provide the best solutions due to their experience in the market. If your IT Department has policies that restrict the type of operating systems or services that can be installed on your premises, Packet Media can offer GSM Gateways based on either Microsoft Windows or Unix and can remotely access the gateways using a number of methods including http, https, telnet & SSH.

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GSM Gateway Solution

  • Reduce landline to mobile call costs by 50%
  • Increase productivity by 30%
  • No capital outlay required
  • Stay with your landline provider
  • Doesn't affect your current landline contract

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Are GSM Gateways legal?

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Legal Status

Ofcom has confirmed that it is entirely legal under UK law for organisations (whether businesses or consumers) to purchase, install and use GSM Gateways for their own private use. In simple terms this means that the gateway can only be used by the end user or organisation actually making the calls. So now you can go ahead with installing a GSM router to reduce your fixed to mobile call rates with the peace of mind that it is all perfectly legal.

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