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At Packet Media, we offer telecoms solutions that place an emphasis on reducing communication costs to staff and customers alike. Our products offer telecoms solutions that decrease landline-to-mobile costs and also reduce the expense of text messaging; all this is achieved while improving the productivity of your workplace systems.

GSM Gateways

Business Telecoms | GSM Gateways

Increase productivity by 30% and save up to 50% on your landline-to-mobile costs! Do you want lower landline to mobile call costs? Then a GSM Gateway is the perfect solution. GSM Gateways are clever little boxes that change the way your calls are charged, with no need to change your telephone contracts!

Phone Systems

Business Telecoms | Phone Systems

IP telephony is the future of business telecoms, delivering cost-savings in management, maintenance, and call costs, plus additional benefits from added efficiencies. IPCortex IP-PBX, license free, open standard, installation and maintenance incorporated… Read more about Phone Systems.


SMS Gateways

Business Telecoms | SMS Marketing

Specially designed to deliver bulk SMS messages, the new Hypermedia SMS Gateways are taking the SMS marketing world by storm. With prices starting at 1p per message, these SMS Gateways can be easily extended to meet your evolving telecoms needs.

SMS Campaigner

SMS Marketing | SMS Campaigner

Fast, easy-to-use and very flexible, the Packet Media SMS Campaigner is a cost-effective online campaign tool designed to make SMS campaigning in business completely effortless. Talk to us about the many applications of SMS Marketing and communications.



We show our customers how to think differently about the telecoms services they employ, and give them a greater understanding of how the right technology can drive down their costs and improve their overall profitability. We supply both the telecoms equipment and a comprehensive maintenance programme directly to many large companies within both the public and private sector. These sectors include the NHS, banking, debt collection, property, financial services, transport and non-profit organisations.

We continuously research the telecoms market for the best products and prices. This means we deliver each customer a tailored telecoms solution that has been carefully discussed with them, so that there is a mutual understanding of how our solution will work. Our on-going support service means that we are always on hand to answer any questions or technical issues that may arise, ensuring we always put our customers’ needs first.